Oct 11 2016

Advantage to Insight – Episode 10: Props

Miniatures and maps? Tiles and terrain? Music? Physical certificates and tokens? There are so many props that can be brought to the table, but how do they interact and when is it too much? All this and more… this week on Advantage to Insight!

Why This Topic

  • New miniatures available for Storm King’s Thunder
  • Tactile elements in games




  1. OldSchoolDM

    I’ve tried listening to 3 of the A2I podcasts (including this one), and continually encountering the same challenges to listening to the next one.

    I’d be happy to provide some meta-feedback, but don’t want to present is publicly and I’d prefer to do it verbally in a short conversation – but have no idea how to set that up.

    Or, since it’s critical, perhaps it would be better if I just continued not listening, and shut my trap.

    My email is randy.farmer@pobox.com – if someone would like to have that conversation.

  2. OldSchoolDM

    Is there a community for A2I?

    1. Chris Sniezak

      There is not right now. I’ve been thinking about merging the Advantage to Insight and Down with D&D communitites into something together but there’s some discussion that needs to happen before we make any official moves.

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