Sep 30 2014

Adventures on Ryloth in Threat Detected

I didn’t realize how many episodes we gave to the pre-module on Ryloth. Wow. It’s almost its own podcast. Nonetheless, I’m happy to present the episodes from this era of our d20radio.com run, taking you back about a year in releases. It’s a great place to start if you’re catching up from the beginning.


bucket of fungus

130620 Diagnosing Leia Organa Pt1

130620 Diagnosing Leia Organa Pt2

131212 Most Inappropriate Cartoon Ever

131122 Dread Trandoshan Peggy

131031 Great to Be Back Pt1

131031 Great to Be Back Pt2

131021 Spoilers Campaign Complete

130919 Bucket of Glo Fungus Pt1

130919 Bucket of Glo Fungus Pt2

130826 Fast and Loose at GenCon

130811 Ryloth Noir Pt1

130811 Ryloth Noir Pt2


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