About Misdirected Mark Productions

Misdirected Mark was conceived in the brains of Mark Knapik and Christopher M. Sniezak as a Blog and Podcast to talk about Gaming, Gamemastering, and anything else we felt like talking about. The site has now evolved into Misdirected Mark Productions.

Chris Sniezak is the man behind the curtain of this podcasting network and works to make or find talent to produce shows which are entertaining and informative surrounding the table top gaming industry. Aside from Podcasting he is one of the designers of Encoded Designs, a freelance writer and game designer, and is working towards self publishing fiction through the upcoming Mondo Fiction Buffet.

Chris portraitPhil Head shotThe MM Podcast has added Phil Vecchione of Encoded Designs, Engine Publishing, and Gnome Stew fame as a host of the show in the wake of Mark stepping down. Even with the line up change the MM podcast still talks about Gaming and Game mastering, tries to connect with the people who listen to us, help our local gaming communities where we can, and, of course,¬†entertain. We’ve split off the interview portion of the MM podcast to its own show called The Lounge as well as adding several other shows.

TGarrett Head Shothreat’s From Galifrey is about the passion and fandom of table top RPGs and is run by Garrett Crowe. He’s very much into Savage Worlds and Paranoia, as well as The One Ring and Doctor Who RPGs from Cubical 7 but he’ll cover the cool things going on about any kind of games he wants to.

Threat Detected is an Actual Play show and sometimes a little bit more following Garrett and his gaming groups three year Star Wars Saga campaign of Dawn of Defiance, the only official campaign released by WotC for the game.


Down with D&D is a show all about the brand of Dungeons and Dragons looking at the products and doing our best to help you find ways to use it in your games. This show has the famous or infamous Shawn Merwin as one of the Co-Hosts with Chris Sniezak. Shawn has a large number of writing credits and all kinds of Organized Play credit with various versions of D&D from Living Greyhawk to the most current incarnation.

Talking Games: Staring Senda & Phil. This show covers the RPG advice topics you’re normally accustomed to but with a twist. Senda is from She’s a Super Geek, runs all of the One Shots, and brings her perspective from that view point and Phil of the unintentional trilogy of GMing advice is the campaign guy and brings his expertise from through that lens and they do it in 20 minutes or less.


The Crew/Cast

Chris Sniezak – Producer and Host of the MM Podcast, the Lounge, and Down with D&D, and Geekin’ Out
Phil Vecchione – Producer and Host of the MM Podcast and Talking Games.
Bob Everson – Producer and Host for the MM Podcast

The Mad Wizard Shawn Merwin – Contributor to the MM Podcast and Down with D&D

Garrett Crowe – Producer and Host of The Threats Shows
Mr. Savage Worlds WNY Tim Hannon – Contributor to Threats from Galifrey
Rob & Tony – Contributors to Threats from Galifrey

Senda – Producer and Host of Talking Games.

Former Crew/Cast

Karol Szymczuk – FormerProducer and Host of TKV-Team Podcast
Tim Jones – Producer and Host of TKV-Team Podcast

Jessie Segal – Former Producer and Host of Geekin’ Out and the MMPs Girl Friday
Dave Mondello – Former Host of Geekin’ Out and one of the Tangent Twins

Mark Knapik – Former Host and Daddy
Joan Nobile – Former AOA&E (Audio Operations Advisor & Engineer) and host of TKV-Team Podcast
Kate Ma – The Other Tangent Twin
Ron Obringer – War Room Corespondent
Dan Price – War Room Corespondent
Tony Scinta – You Know What Really Chaps My Ass

If you have any questions you can contact me at chris@misdirectedmark.com

Head of Operations,
Chris Sniezak