About MM

Me and Mark.mediumThe Misdirected Mark was conceived in the brains of Mark Knapik and Christopher M. Sniezak as a Blog and Podcast to talk about Gaming, Gamemastering, and anything else we felt like talking about but now it’s so much more. Not only do we talk about Gaming and Gamemastering but we have an ongoing story, try our best to connect with the people who listen to us, try and help out our local gaming communities, and do our best to entertain. We love gaming and everything it can do to make peoples lives more fulfilling and we want to help spread that love.

The Crew/Cast

Chris “The Light” Sniezak – Producer and Host
Mark Knapik – Host and Daddy
Joan “The Game” Nobile – AOA&E (Audio Operations Advisor & Engineer)
The Tangent Twins – Dave “Darth Gnosis” Mondello & Kate “Cheese Girl” Ma
Mr. Savage Worlds WNY Tim “The Loremaster” Hannon
The Gnome Illusionist Cannibal Phil Vecchione
The Mad Wizard Merwin
Captain Myke and the Greenshirts

If you have any questions you can contact me at chris@misdirectedmark.com

Chris “The Light” Sniezak