Jul 24 2015

A Different Kind of Master Pt2

The dungeon crawl through Bucho’s lair’s complete. The BBEG remains one turbolift away, and his spoils are taken by our heroes… except the Jedi, who doesn’t need any material wealth.
Sirona’s Sauna answers a question about grappling and rewiring droids. Angelic Doctor shares a dramatic skill challenge. Plus, Ramma makes a friend.


      1. TD 069 A Different Kind of Master Pt2 - Threat Detected Podcast

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  1. KingCoovala

    Personally, I enjoy the high bounties. Especially on account of just who they had gone after. If you have a guy with the resources to build a Volcano base then that guy obviously has enemies I mean why else would you build a volcano base. Then there is a Pirate leader who had access to oh yeah a Mandalorian Cruiser not just any hunter is going to bag and tag that kind of quarry. Finally there is Patches who is a CL 18 psychopath it is going to take a special hunter or team of hunters to hunt this one down. Besides how else did Boba Fett become known as the 2nd wealthiest man in the Galaxy, it certainly wasn’t going after 5-10k credit bounties.

    There really was no reason to fret about such lucrative bounties especially after you gave the PC’s over 2 million credits. Once you start giving the PC’s millions of any type of currency you are kind of saying that money is not really going to be much of an issue going forward. I just wanted to put my two cents in and say that I really love high bounties as I like to award players for the hard work they put in to whatever endeavor they were entering into.

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