Feb 21 2013

Episode #50 – The Tangent Twins Attack

The Tangent Twins Attack

Hello friends. This week the Tangent Twins show up but not with the best of intentions. I think someone is trying to kill us.

1:28 – Watercooler

Daves Here…With a lightsaber.
Pax East
CRAGGNAROK March 9th – GM Roundtable with Mark, Chris, Phil Vecchione, and Garrett Crowe.
QCC – Magic Grand Prix Trial hosted by Dave and Adams Card World.
Kickstarter – Regaining Home by Alana Jolie Abbott
Kickstarter – Realmworks
Kickstarter – The Machine of Death
Tim and Karol are my heroes.

6:47 – Gameroom

Katie’s here…with poison cheese and Kung-Fu action.
Star Wars: Edge of the Empire
Smallworld: Underground
Mark Plays Poker

11:55 – The Workshop / Lounge

A chat with Alana Jolie Abbot, author and creator of the Regaining Home Kickstarter.
Cowboys and Aliens II
Lindsay Archer 

Advice from the Underground: Week 5 – Be Prepared

34:29 – The Geekery

The Showdown with the Tangent twins
New Armcannon Album
Harrison Ford is on Board for Star Wars Episode VII


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  1. Alana Joli Abbott

    Thanks so much for having me on the show!

    1. Chris Sniezak

      It was our pleasure. Can’t wait to read the books and have you on again sometime.

  2. Chris Sniezak

    It was a tangent

  3. Alex Swingle

    My god, dat tangent…

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