Aug 23 2012

Episode #24 – Ge ge ge GenCon

024 – Ge ge ge GenCon

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It’s GenCon recap time. We tell everything we did and saw at the show this year. Hope you enjoy..

Timer Notes

Green Shirt Intro 00:00:00
The Watercooler 00:00:45
– Mark’s Weary Wednesday
– Mark’s Canadian Friend
– Curt’s SUV kills my throat
– Trade Day and Reclaiming Blingdenstone
– Underdark creatures speak Australian
– Chris’ Wicked Wednesday
– Dinner with Phil Veccione and the Green Shirts
– Rob Justice(Bear Swarm) and Podcasters Party
– Mark’s Thundering Thursday
– Sorcere and Clawrift (D&D eXPerience)
– Special Drow Dice Set
– Lunch with Jamie at Steak and Shake
– Nicky Blaine’s
– Chris’ Thrilling Thursday
– Steve Helt, Iron GM Ancient Sensei (WITH INTERVIEW CLIP)
– Dr. Nick Palmer, Iron GM Contestant (WITH INTERVIEW CLIP)
– The Vendor Hall
– Food Vendors
– Who’s Monte Cook (Clip Available Later)
– Giant Settlers of America
– Gen Con Social (Rob Justice Clip Available at the end of the show)
The Gameroom 00:28:37
– Mark’s Frantic Friday
– Bad Breakfast Blues
– Mark tells James Wyatt he’s “Awesome”
– The Warlock and Sorcerer Classes
– Artemis is Awesome
– Chris’s Feel-good Friday
– Iron Heroes
– Phil Veccione (Brief Clip, w/ longer clip available later)
– Chris’ Cell Phone Goes off at 44:50 (That’s for you Phil)
– Mayfair Games and Drew Smith (With Interview Clip)
– Fiasco
The Workshop 00:49:23
– Mark’s Super Saturday
– Mark Runs More D&D Games
– Drew Makes Rocks Fun
– Draconic Heritage Sorcerer becomes Kobold Leader
– Meeting Robert Schwalb
– Artemis is coming to Queen City Conquest
– Chris’ Saucy Saturday
– Wild Wacky West (Map Achievement Unlocked)
– Star Wars RPG Beta
– Iron DM
– Mark rants about true Iron DMs
– Savage Saturday Night
– Will’s Savage Worlds Character Creator Kickstarter (With Interview Clip)
The Geekery 01:15:36
– Mark’s Slow Sunday
– Powering through the last day
– Cards Against Humanity makes waiting in line fun
– A Miserable Ride Home
– Chris’ Sanguine Sunday
– Buying Stuff
– Jason Morningstar runs Dungeon World
– Mark talks about his swag
– Chris’ awesome drive home
– Sohmer Quits Redbull 🙁
– Queen City Conquest Is Coming Soon!!!!
Mic Drop! 01:29:54
– Bonus Material! Chris revisits how much fun Drunken Podcasting is, with Rob Justice


Baldman Games
Nicky Blaine’s
Iron GM

Panik Productions
Bear Swarm
Law of the Geek
The Walking Eye
Jank Cast
Monte Cook
Settlers of America
Iron Heroes
Wild Wacky West
Star Wars RPG
Wild Card Creator
Cards Against Humanity
Dungeon World
Queen City Conquest

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