May 24 2012

Episode #12 – D&D Next and Shawn Merwin

012 – D&D Next and Shawn Merwin

This is a big one folks. A double length episode. In our Workshop we talk about D&D Next or 5th edition depending on which one of use you ask. Then we talk to freelance writer and game designer Shawn Merwin. He’s
worked on a fair number of projects for WotC and done a lot in the Living Campaigns.

Show Notes

0:44 Intro

3:40 The Gameroom

12:19 The Workshop: D&D Next

We jump around a bit during our D&D discusion. I suppose we should use outlines but we didn’t so the information is kind of all over the place. Sorry about that folks.

1:08:23 Shawn Merwin interview

1:12:20 GenCon Drow Adventure by Shawn

1:14:03 Gaming with family

1:16:38 Writing for Undermountain

1:21:20 Making Dungeon Crawls interesting

1:26:42 Pizza’s here

1:27:55 Changing up Modules up for replayability.

1:29:05 Dealing with critisism in writing.

1:30:25 The Assult on Nightwyrm Fortress debacle

1:34:42 Shawn’s Favorite Setting – It’s Greyhawk.

1:37:02 Shawn’s time with Organized Play.

1:53:56 Writing for Critical Hits.

1:57:37 Differences in writing for fiction and games

2:05:25 Who’s the man behind the writer

2:07:06 Game’s we think Shawn should buy

Dungeon Raid app
Thread Detected Actual Play Podcast
Changeling the Lost
Lair Assault: Lair of the Tyrantclaw
Ready Player One
Diablo 3
The Book of Laughter and Forgetting
Critical Hits
D&D Encounters
Lego Harry Potter
Ticket to Ride
The Moathouse and Hommlett
Halls of Undermountain
Haunting of Harrowshire
The Radiant Vessel of Thesk
Assault on Nightwyrm Fortress
Ashes of Athas
Living Divine
Baldman Games

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