May 09 2012

Episode #10 – Interview with a Gnome

010 – Interview with a Gnome

This week we have special guest Phil Vecchione AKA DNAPhil from the ennie award winning Gnome Stew blog. In addition he brought one of his friends from his gaming group, Myke Niemira. He gives us a behind the scenes look at the games he, Phil, and their friends play, and the idea’s Phil has mined from those games for the Stew. We
also talk about engine publishing, Masks, Eureka, and their newest book Never Unprepared, written by Phil. Enjoy.

Show Notes

1:55 – The Gameroom

8:40 – The Workshop with Phil Vecchione.

9:25 – What’s the Gnome Stew?

10:25 – Why Phil likes blogging.

11:12 – Treasure Tables Blog

14:10 – Birth of the Gnome Stew

19:27 – Other bloggers/ Friend or Foe?

21:27 – Our favorite Gnome Stew Articles

29:22 – Engine Publishing

30:30 – Eurkea 501 plots

38:04 – Masks 1000 NPC’s for your games

48:00 – Game night rotation

51:30 – Never Unprepared, the new book.

69:48 – A little about copyright and Pirating.

73:15 – What Phil does when he’s not writing or gaming.

77:23 – The Freeze (Avengers – No spoilers, and Monte Cook leaving WotC)


Engine Publishing 
Kingmaker for Pathfinder 
Houses of the Blooded 
Warhammer 40K 
Guitar Hero 
Forbiden Island
Halls of Undermountain
Savage Worlds: Rippers 
Changeling the Lost
Lords of Waterdeep 
Treasure Tables 
Gnome Stew 
Burning Empires
Break the Ice
Shooting the Moon 
Critical Hits
Drive thru RPG 
Conspirisy X
Name Generator
Studio 2 
Steve Jackson 
Sean Patrick Fannon 
Reality Blurs 
Silvervine games 
Con on the Cob
Role Playing Public Radio
Faery’s Tail 
Little Fears 
Iron Heroes
36 Dramatic Situations


  1. Bill K

    Excellent show gents, I definately want to hear more of what Phil has to say. BTW the books are ordered.

  2. Greenizbest

    I really enjoyed listen to the genius of Phil’s writing. I’m a first time listener and I think I will go back and listen to some of the older episodes.

    1. Chris Sniezak

      Thanks for listening. Just as a warning some of the older episodes are a little unfocused and we are explicit at times. Episode 9 is where we get a little more focused but there is some good content in the other episodes depending on your tastes.

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