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Feb 28 2013

Episode 51 – John Wick or The Death of the House

051 – John Wick or The Death of the Housewicked fantasy dice

Hello friends. I have to say it’s been a great year of podcasting and I hope this episode is one of the best yet. We have John Wick on to talk about his Wicked Fantasy Kickstarter, impart some gaming wisdom, and tell some excellent stories. Mark and I also have an issue with the house which resolves with an explosive ending.

1:57 – Watercooler

Wicked Fantasy Kickstarter
Regaining Home Kickstarter
Pax East
Will Wheaton and JoCo play Artemis

8:13 – Gameroom

D&D Next with Megascorcher
League of Legends
Baseball Heroes
Descent 2nd edition
Dungeon Command

16:06 – A Wicked and fantastical Conversation with John Wickreign of men

Who is John Wick
Wicked Fantasy Kickstarter
Shotgun Diaries
The Big Book of Little Games
Gaming Technology
More Wicked Fantasy Kickstarter stuff – Savage World and Dungeon World Conversions.
Aegis Project
John Wick on conventions and maybe in Buffalo 2014 for the QCC?
Miniatures for the Wicked Fantasy Kickstarter
There’s a John Wick GM section in the Wicked Fantasy book.
John like Pro Westling and going to movies (especially at independent theaters)
The War – This is awesome and people should watch it.

1:04:20 – The Workshop

Week 6 from The Underground – Beg, Barrow, and Steal

1:13:03 – The Geekery

We’re going on the road.

Feb 21 2013

Episode #50 – The Tangent Twins Attack

The Tangent Twins Attack

Hello friends. This week the Tangent Twins show up but not with the best of intentions. I think someone is trying to kill us.

1:28 – Watercooler

Daves Here…With a lightsaber.
Pax East
CRAGGNAROK March 9th – GM Roundtable with Mark, Chris, Phil Vecchione, and Garrett Crowe.
QCC – Magic Grand Prix Trial hosted by Dave and Adams Card World.
Kickstarter – Regaining Home by Alana Jolie Abbott
Kickstarter – Realmworks
Kickstarter – The Machine of Death
Tim and Karol are my heroes.

6:47 – Gameroom

Katie’s here…with poison cheese and Kung-Fu action.
Star Wars: Edge of the Empire
Smallworld: Underground
Mark Plays Poker

11:55 – The Workshop / Lounge

A chat with Alana Jolie Abbot, author and creator of the Regaining Home Kickstarter.
Cowboys and Aliens II
Lindsay Archer 

Advice from the Underground: Week 5 – Be Prepared

34:29 – The Geekery

The Showdown with the Tangent twins
New Armcannon Album
Harrison Ford is on Board for Star Wars Episode VII

Feb 13 2013

Episode #49 – Goblin Assassins

Goblin assassins

Hello Friends. Chris here and I just wanted to say thank you to all the people who jumped to help me when my computer did it’s impersonation of dying. A special thanks goes out to Tim Jones and Karol Szymczuk who are directly responsible for this episode being out on time. Sorry for a bit of sound quality snafu but I hope you enjoy.

1:00 Watercooler

One Year anniversary of the Podcast coming up
Marks going to PAX on the PAX Train and running a ton of D&D
Running GAGG
Craggnarok is March 9th
Queen City Conquest – Events are up and submitting events is live.

8:07 Gameroom

Where are the Halflings
Savage World
Steal from everywhere
D&D Megascorcher
League of Legends Tier System
Realms of Cuthulu

22:13 Workshop

Underground is not a contest and The point of a Role Playing Game.

42:14 Geekery

The Pope is stepping down and a Skulduggery setting exists called Black Smoke. 6 Cardinals enter and one leave.
Old Doctor Who
Leverage Season 3

Feb 07 2013

Episode #48 – Ashes of Teos

Ashes of Teos

Hello Friends. This week we have Teos Abadia who is an upcoming frelancer for WotC and one of the prime movers behind the Ashes of Athas Organized Play Campaign so settle in and enjoy an excellent conversation.

1:12 Watercooler – Longest Watercooler to date

Who is Teos
Ashes of Athas Living Campaign
Organized Play discussion
The Ashes of Athas Battle Interactive
Convention Talk

36:48 Gameroom

Winter Fantasy – Shawn and Chris’s Mod
Pathfinder Special – Beneath the Bone Keep
Sirai LARP
Tecmo Superbowl
League of Legends
Super Mario Bros
Star Wars Edge of the Empire
Elder Sign

1:04:02 Workshop

Week 3 of Advice from the Underground – All Players are Created Equal.

1:16:49 Geekery

Teos and the Flumphs
Winter Fantasy Swag
Tag for 23 year