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Jan 31 2013

Episode #47 – The Misdirected Mom’s Marks Basement Podcast

047 – The Misdirected Mom’s Marks Basement Podcast

Hello Friends. This week I chat with Alex Swingle of the Mom’s Basement Podcast as we cover a variety of games and topics. Hope you enjoy.

0:57 Watercooler

Alex Swingle of the Mom’s Basement Podcast
Mom’s Basement videocast on You Tube
Realmworks Kickstarter
RPG Superstar
D&D PDF’s on Drive Thru RPG

10:13 Gameroom

Final Hour of a Story Age by Dan Marusjack
Underground – Not Watts the city is Jessup Hill
Megaman TCG
Descent 2nd edition
D&D Next on Megascorcher

25:05 Workshop

Make a descision and Stick With it
Narrative Dice

49:35 Geekery

Wanted: Dead or Alive
Sledge Hammer
A Memory of Light: Book 14 of the Wheel of Time
Sugar: The Bitter Truth

Jan 24 2013

Episode #46 – Control Your Game and Mark’s Announcement

Control Your Game

Hello friends, this week on The Mark we talk about starting up, narrative dice, controlling your table, and Mark has an announcement. Things are heating up like a bun in the oven around The Mark.


Mark Baby Watch
Convention Chat

QCC update
Running GAGG – Feb 8-10
Merwin is a guest at Running GAGG
Winter Fantasy
Barbarian coming out soon for D&D Next
Pax East
Craggnarok charity gaming event.

Fate Core Kickstarter

Gameroom (I think it’s still a Game Room)

Megascorcher D&D prep and NPC’s talk in D&D Next
League of Legends
Facebook Games no one cares about
Writing game related fiction
StarWars: Edge of the Empire – Narrative Dice
The FFSW Dice App
The Edge of the Empire book has been announced
Starting Savage Worlds


Taking Control of the Game


King of the Geeks
Les Miserables
JoCo Glee scandal

Jan 17 2013

Episode #45 – Intelligent Monsters and Situations within the Fight

045 – Intelligent Monsters and Situations within the Fighting

Hello Friends. This week on The Mark we talk about a bunch of stuff ranging from conventions, esports, and succubus TV shows to how to handle intellegent adversaries and having things happen during your fights to make them more than just fights. Also Shawn Merwin stops by to contribute wisdom to the discussion from the writers side of things.

1:03 – Watercooler

Mark Baby Watch
Transmissions from the 9th World
Mark Bashes Monte Cook
Winter Fantasy
Running GAGG
Convention Talk

11:16 – Gameroom

Arkham Horror
Playtesting D&D Next
League of Legends
Megascorcher D&D
ESports Tangent
Shawn Joins us
7 Wonders
Elder Sign digital App game

21:15 – Workshop

Challenges in writing and running new games and play testing.
Dealing with Intelligent adversaries and creating more interesting scenes.

55:12 – Geekery

Lost Girl
Queen City Conquest
Colasal Cave Adventure
Armcannon 3, Leg Vaccum II

Jan 09 2013

Episode #44 – Save the Passion

Save the Passion

This week on the Mark we try to drum up some passion for your games. Hope you enjoy.

Show Notes

1:08 – Watercooler

Baby Watch – It’s a maybe
Roll for Initative
QCC Registration for 2013 is live

7:27 – Gameroom

Marks Game of the Year and Moment of the Year
Artimis Battle Star Galactica Mod
Strike Fleet Omega
League of Legends
Lords of Waterdeep

14:23 – Workshop

Horseback Riding
Player Passion

32:50 – The OK Geek-o-rall

Doctor Who Christmas Special
Marshall Law
Vampire Hunter D
Cowboy Bebop
D&D playtesting at Baldy Hall

Jan 08 2013

Finding Your Fun

I’m a narrative-gamist guy.

Ok. So what does that mean?

It means I like games which have a strong narrative component but have some gamist aspect to them. To break that down further it means I like rules which prompt storytelling or even better rules which require storytelling to make the game go forward.

Now there are other things I like about gaming but those are the big ones. If I can have a game where the story happens because I interact with a rule then I’m pretty happy. Not always happy, but generally. Games like Mouse Guard and Dungeon World have this flow going on and FATE has some of it too with a little more gamist going on.
Now these two aspects aren’t the only things which define a game. I’m not really a GNS guy. Those two terms just sort of make sense to me for the kinds of games I like but if you dig accounting for the rations in your pack and how many arrows you have then your probably into simulation or resource management type games as part of the kit which would describe you. I like those parts to be a bit more abstracted to have some baring on the narrative but not a huge part of the game.

Maybe you like having a lot of challenges thrown at you without having much say what the challenges are or maybe you like to choose the challenges your going to be facing. Maybe you like to pick starting points and ride plots to their end where you can choose another starting point. Maybe you like having decisions come up two or three times over the course of an adventure which change the adventures outcomes.

The point of that rambling was to show you people like different levels of control over the story of the game. You need to identify what you like about gaming and then find games which give you that level of control.

Do you game because you like playing with your friends or is it because there are specific types of games you want to play. Maybe it’s a mix of the two. There’s no shame in realizing the gaming you want isn’t the gaming you’re getting with your friends. All it means is you need to readjust your expectations, find people to game with who share a similar vision as you, some mixture of the two, or a solution I haven’t been able to figure out yet.

There are lots of other vectors you can apply to what is fun about gaming for you. I encourage you to sit down and take some time to figure out what they are so you can discover what fun is for you.

Game On,

Chris “The Light” Sniezak

Jan 03 2013

Episode #43 – The Misdirected Mark Tangent Twins New Years Eve Drunk Cast With Company


Happy New Year Folks. This week we get rambly and Tangenty as we chat about a bunch of different stuff on New Years Eve.

Show Notes

Smokey the Cat
Star Wars LCG
Nate Arrives
Tangent: Duck Tales comics did Inception before Inception and has far ranging influence
Back to Telestrations
Tangent: Mike Willard arrives
Return to Telestrations
5/10ths of Armcannon arrives
The Phone goes off.
The Walking Dead Video Game
Shushing Mooch
Game of the Year
X-Com Enemy Unknown
Tangent: Street Fighter the Movie
Dave covers his ass
Tangent: Armcannon CD Plug
Back to X-Com
What Genre is X-Com and what are their cousins?
Danimal Cannon – Chip tune writer extraordinaire.
Halo 4 – Spartan Ops
Best Moment of 2012