Monthly Archive: December 2012

Dec 19 2012

Episode #41 – Christmas and The Group

Christmas Catastrophe

Hey Folks. The week we have a conversation about starting up games, getting group cohesion, and how to help your players through character creation.

Timer Notes

0:59 – Watercooler

Marks new gaming space
D20 Radio Network
Gaming Security Agency Briefings

6:50 – Gameroom

Savage Worlds
D&D Encounters
Star Wars: Edge of the Empire character creation
D&D Next Bi-weekly Megascorcher game update
Gaming Conversations
League of Legends
Low Elo

14:52 – Workshop

The Group Problem
Extra News: Running GAGG – Convention in Geneseo

54:59 – Geekery

Leverege – The Ho Ho Ho Job
Gygax Magazine
Mystra Returns

Dec 12 2012

Episode #40 – Steve Townshend, the h is Silent and British


Steve Townshend, the h is Silent and British

Hey Folks. We sort of throw the format to the wind for our chat with Steve Townshend. Through out the conversation we cover what Steve has published, what he’s got coming out soon, improv gaming, Indy games, and other tidbits as we move about various topics.

1:32 – The Watercooler

Complete Campaign
13th Age
Steamscapes North American
Fate Core Kickstarter
Winter Fantasy

8:58 – The Gameroom extended cut with Steve Townshend

Dec 06 2012

Episode #39 – Choices and Sleepy Time

39 – sleepy

Hey Folks. This week we talk about choice. The types we have as gamers in a game session, the various levels of impact they can have on games, and the other little bits we discover during our slightly rambling conversation.

Timer Notes

 0:58 – Watercooler

Not much news

3:33 – Gameroom

League of Legends
D&D Encounters

12:06 – Workshop

Making choices

56:45 – Geekery

Dresden Files book 14: Cold Days
D&D the Museum