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Nov 29 2012

Episode #38 – Mmmmm Pie

mmmmm pie

This week we talk about playtesting, porting idea’s from games and other sources to another game system, movies, and pie. Hope you enjoy and feel free to let us know if you do or you don’t.

Timer Notes

0:57 – Watercooler

Winter Fantasy Judge Sign up
Emalyn finishes NanoWrimo
D&D livestream and AP podcasts to come
Playtesting D&D stuff

ITunes Review

14:45 – The Gameroom

Summoner Wars
Lords of Waterdeep
D&D Encounters
Chrono Trigger for Android
Star Wars Angry Birds
Orcs Must Die
League of Legends

22:06 – The Workshop

Porting idea’s from one game or source to your current game.

52:33 – The Geekery

Rise of the Guardians
Wreck It Ralph

Nov 22 2012

Episode #37 – Lucky

037 – Lucky

Hey Folks. Chris here from the MMP and this week we’re chatting about Tremulus, Luck, and D&D Next amidst a bevy of other little things. Hope you enjoy the episode.

Timer Notes

1:14 – The Watercooler

D20 Radio Network
ITunes Reviews Please
RPG Crosstalk
RPG Podcasts
Save or Die Podcast – D20 Radio Network Show
Save or Die on D&D Next?
Dice Rings Kickstarter

8:30 – Gameroom

D&D Encounters
Artimis in person
Megascorcher and Actual play D&D Next
Tremulus Talk
The Mom’s Basement Podcast and Alex Swingle
Google Hangout
Reality Blurs
Sean Preston
Dungeon World on the way for Google hangout play

27:40 – The Workshop – Time for a little luck talk

Dice Torture and superstitions
Another character vs Player discussion
How do we mechanize Luck as a mechanic?
And now I contradict everything we just said about not being able to figure it out.

49:30 – The Geekery

Talking about D&D Next.
Why isn’t success with a complication in the game.
The rant is not over.
@misdirectedmark on twitter.

Nov 14 2012

Episode #36 – D&D Encounters and Shawn Merwin

036 – Shawn Merwin & D&D Encounters

Hey folks. This week we have Shawn Merwin to chat about the current season of D&D encounters. Shawn was one of the writers for the current season and we’re chatting about the things which are different, the things people like so far, some stories from the table, and tips to deal with the changes. Also I think the phone joke is dead. Sorry Phil.

Timer Notes

1:07 – The Watercooler and Gameroom are merged

Shawn Merwin is in the House
The Queen City Conquest
D&D Encounters
Edge of the Empire

10:52 – The Workshop – D&D Encounters

Mark’s embarrassment concerning James Wyatt
The changes to the rules for this season
Stories from the table
Tip in dealing on dealing with rules this season – Link to Community page on
More Stories from the table
GMing Tips and design tips

45:44 – The Geekery without sound

A Song of Ice and Fire
An Arrow chat that is destroyed by Mark and his tom foolery.

Nov 07 2012

Episode #35 – The Crowe and Mr. Hoffman or Star Wars: The Mark Strikes Back

035 – The Crowe and Mr. Hoffman or Star Wars: The Mark Strikes Back

Hello folks. This week on The Misdirected Mark Podcast Mark and I are joined by Garrett Crowe of Threat Detected to chat about Star Wars: Edge of the Empire and mine and Garretts first play of it and Steve Hoffman, a local gaming legend who has many board and card games in his collection and is in the thick of the Buffalo LARP scene. We also discuss the news about Lucas selling EVERYTHING to Disney. Enjoy.

0:42 – Watercooler

Steve Hoffman is in the House
Now Members of the D20 Radio Network
Order 66 and Threat Detected
Star Wars Games
Carving Games – NaGa Demon reference
It was Marks dad’s birthday

8:06 – The Gameroom

Mark’s Phone went off – Hahahahaha
Mage Wars
WNY Larps
XCom: Enemy Unknown
Small World
Mice and Mystics by Plaid Hat Games
The Fork is the most useful item
Edge of the Empire
Egyptian Rat Screw
Possible Video Casting of RPG’s
Con Talk

31:00 – The WorkshopEdge of the Empire

Garrett Crowe of Threat Detected and the G.S.A (Gamer Security Agency)
Order 66 – A Star Wars RPG Podcast

54:42 – Geekery

Star Wars Chat
The Kessel Run
Once Upon a Time